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Proof #13: The conjecture

And their saying, 'We did kill the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah;' whereas they slew him not, nor crucified him, but he was made to appear to them like one crucified; and those who differ therein are certainly in a state of doubt about it; they have no definite knowledge thereof, but only follow a conjecture; and they did not convert this conjecture into a certainty; On the contrary, Allah exalted him to Himself. And Allah is Mighty, Wise. (4:158-159)

The emphasis is upon their failure to murder Jesus by any means. The reader is reminded that the very beginning of the verse refers to the Jewish boast that they had succeeded in murdering Jesus.

This Jewish claim is firmly rejected by the Holy Quran. That is why by the end of verse, the conclusive declaration is that whatever may have happened they certainly failed to kill him. This implies that it is not the act of crucifixion which is denied. What is denied is death by crucifixion.

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Surlin said...

The true life story of Jesus was written by his disciples who were with Jesus and listened to his teachings,followed him everywhere, witnessed his crucifixion and saw him alive after resurrection. They preached the message of Christianity, always bringing the event of crucifixion to the people. People in those days knew about the crucifixion of Jesus. When the disciples were preaching about Jesus, no unbelieving person ever denied the fact that Jesus was crucified on the Cross. Jesus disciples ran away and denied Him, when he was arrested. They found faith and courage to witness about Jesus only after seeing Him alive after the resurrection. If Jesus did not raise from the dead, then why would these scared disciples who were afraid for their lives, ever preach His message. After seeing Jesus raised to life, they preached the word of Jesus throughout the world without any fear for their own lives and we all know that after a few years they were all martyred, but the teaching of Jesus spread throughout the world. The entire history of Jesus is written in the Bible, by people who were with Him through His lifes journey on Earth.....I do not want to criticise the Quran and its teachings, since religion is a sensitive subject for everyone and we are brought up based on its teachings and its very difficult for anyone to accept another teaching as true.....Religion is meant to bring peace and love for everyone on this Earth and not hatred or division....A Muslim will always say that the Quran is the true word of God and the Christian would say the Bible, the Hindu would say Bhagvad Gita etc and the atheist would say there is no God....Thousands of years have passed and there has still not been one world religion. There has always been various religions present.....God will judge everyone based on their conduct on Earth.....You may still disagree, but remember you believe in the Quran because you were born in a Muslim family. If you were born in a Christian family you would have believed the Bible.....Live in peace with everyone. Let God be the judge.

crzshani said...

Read This verses

from sura AL BAQARA

Sura 1:6. Surely, as to those who are destined to infidelity, it is alike

whether you warn them or warn them not, they will
never believe.

Sura 1:7. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their ears, and over their

eyes there is a dark covering, and for them
is great torment.

Sura 1:8. And some people say, 'We have believed in Allah and the Last Day' yet

they are not to believe.

Sura 1:9. They seek to deceive Allah and the believers, and in fact, they

deceive not but their own souls, and they
perceive not.

Sura 1:10. In their hearts is a disease, so Allah has increased their disease

and for them is a painful torment, the
recompense of their lies.

Sura 1:11. And when it is said to them, create not disorder on the earth, they

say, 'we are but reformats'.

Sura 1:12. Be-ware! It is they who are the mischief-makers, but they

perceive not.

Sura 1:13. And when it is said to them 'believe as others have believed,' they

say, 'shall we believe as fools', believe,
Beware! It is they who are the fools, but they do not know.

Sura 1:14. And when they meet believers, they say, 'we believe', and when they

are alone with their devils, they say, 'we
are with you, we are only mocking'.

Sura 1:15. Allah mocks at them (Befitting His Dignity) and leaves them to wander

about in their contumacy.

Sura 1:16. They are those people who purchased error for guidance but their

trade earned them no profit, and they
indeed knew not the way of trading.

Sura 1:17. Their example is like the one who kindled a fire, so when it lit up

all around him, Allah took away their light and
left them in darkness where nothing is seen.

Sura 1:18. Deaf, Dumb, blind, so they are not to return.

Sura 1:26. Surely, Allah not ashamed of describing any thing for illustration, be it a gnat or above it, hence those who
accepted faith, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, and those who are disbeliveers they say, "What
does Allah mean by such a similitude". Allah sends astray many by it and guides many and Bends astray those
by it who are disobedient

Sura 1:27. Those who break the covenant of Allah after its confirmation and sever that which Allah ordered to join and
spread disorder in the earth, they are the only losers.

Anonymous said...

i think br asif omer is soewhat mistaken or he's trying to mislead people.
We say: "Inn Allaha 'alaa kulli shaiyin qadeer". So nothing is impossible for God, nothing inconceivable for Him. Is if far more difficult to create the Heavens & Earth or that which youo feel God cannot do with Jesus?

Asif, you seem to be of the Ahmadiyyah sect.
Besides Ahmadiyyah is not part of Islam.

If you knew Arabic, you wouldn't use translations of the Quran from so and so, and present a distorted explanations of the verses of the Quran.

To study Islam you should know Arabic, only Arabic.

Allah asks you to believe the Quran completely and wholeheartedly. If you believe in some part of it while rejecting others, would you be part of the Believers or the people of the Book?

If you don't understand the verses that you have quoted, learn Arabic first, learen from the learned. If you know Arabic, don't distort the Quran and show a negative image of the Quran and Islam.
Still if you dont believe in the verses that you have quoted, there's no problem until your eyes won't believe what you'll see at the time of your last breath and worse on Judgement Day!

Anonymous said...

bro if i just quoted some verses of quran it dose'nt mean im rejecting quran wholley and believing in partly... its not like that. i quoted this verses bcoz.. i feel in this verses allah says abt the people who r not true belivers.. who hav egos.. who always like to fight(like this blogs abt jesus) . who reject thruth without any knowledge abt it and bcoz of his egos..

im sorry for quoting this verses on this blog.............