Saturday, November 25, 2006

Proof #9: Synopsis of Jesus' life

‘And peace was on me the day I was born, and peace there will be on me the day I shall die, and the day I shall be raised up to life again.’’ (19:34) more translations

Here Jesus refers to three principal events of his existence: the day of his birth, the day of his death and his resurrection on the Day of Judgement. One would expect that in addition to these three events his purported ascent and the subsequent descent in the Latter days would be important enough to merit a mention, yet we find them conspicously absent. If real, these momentous and unprecedented events with enormous consequences for himself and the rest of the humanity would be quite at par with his birth, death and ressurrection, yet Allah makes no mention of it here or anywhere else in the Holy Quran. On the contrary, numerous verses assert his death as having already occurred, some directly and others indirectly, while not a single verse speaks of his corporeal ascent to the heavens, his future descent nor his continued survival. One can only conclude that it is a figment of some people's imagination that is unequivocally rejected by the Holy Quran.

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Affan said...

If you take a closer look at the verse, a simple look is merely enough, this verse is a first person recall of Jesus's saying, the words which Isa-Jesus spoke.

Christ is saying that there was peace upon him when he was born(Allah's Blessings), and there WILL BE peace upon him WHEN HE DIES and WHEN HE SHALL BE RAISED to life again.

As a matter of fact this is the best verse to prove that Jesus was not crucified and is not dead, else it could have been mentioned here as there was peace upon him when he died.

asif said...

People tend to talk of their death in the future tense. Why would Jesus have done any different?

atra201 said...

Dear mr Asif,
I appreciate the work you are trying to do to spread the word of the Holy Quran.
however, with all do respect this job is not for anyone to handle. the Holy Quran is so precious,that you need to make sure that you understand it correctly.
Some verses are explained in the verses to come even 3 or 4 verses later explain a certain verse and some veres are explianed in the Hadith (the holy saying of the prophet beace be upon him).
The prophet mohammad said that his sayings are an explanation of the holy quran.
I also should mention that one should also understand arabic very well and study the books of such great schoolars like ibn Katheer.
having said all that, when we take a look at the verse in question and the ones before it we see clearly that Jesus peace be upon him was taking about himself when he was a baby so how would a baby know that Allah was not planning on having him (jesus) die?
so this verse itself does not prove or disprove that jesus died or was raised , it proves that one of jesus' miracles was being able to talk as a baby.
Thank you

paarsurrey said...

Hi Affan!
In Surah Maryam Quran has given accounts of life of Jesus and his cousin Yahya (John the Baptist). There are many interesting similarities in both the Prophets; sometimes the sentences and phrases used for both have the same connotations.

[19:13] God said, 'O Yahya, hold fast the Book.' And We gave him wisdom while yet a child,
[19:14] And tenderness of heart from US and purity, and he was pious,
[19:15] And dutiful towards his parents. And he was not haughty and rebellious.
[19:16] And peace was on him the day he was born, and the day he died, and peace will be on him the day he will be raised up to life again.

[19:31] Jesus said, 'I am a servant of Allah. He has given me the Book, and has made me a Prophet;
[19:32] 'And He has made me blessed wheresoever I may be, and has enjoined upon me Prayer and almsgiving so long as I live;
[19:33] 'And He has made me dutiful towards my mother, and has not made me arrogant and graceless;
[19:34] 'And peace was on me the day I was born, and peace will be on me the day I shall die, and the day I shall be raised up to life again.'

So, it would be reasonable and it leaves no doubt that the stages of life enumerated by both the MessengersProphets are the same. If we believe that Yahya died here on this earth and his soul was only raised to heaven and he would awaken on the day of Judgement; the same we shall have to believe for Jesus and not more than that. This is the interpretation of GodAllahYHWH; one should believe it if one believes in Quran- the pristine Word of Him.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Femi 1 said...

moreover, the prophet (saw) said, he met both Isa and yahya(peace be upon both) in the same place during the al-isra miraj, that shows that both of them has died. if Isa is coming back then Yahya has to come also.
The truth of the matter is Isa is not coming back, this is one of the strategies the christian missionaries uses to mislead average muslims in Nigeria here. They used to say that Muhammed has died and their own jesus is alive and he(jesus) is the way and the truth and the life that the Quran also confirms it that Isa is coming back, but they are always unable to provide the verse.
My dear brothers and sisters, Isa second coming can not increase or decrease our Iman,rather let us focus on spreading Islam to non muslims and admonishing the average ones because Allah Ta'ala will ask us three questions, that what was the position we met Islam, what effort did we contribute, and what position we left it(Islam).

I pray Almighty Allah will restore back our bethren that has gone out of the fold of Islam....Amen