Thursday, October 26, 2006

Proof #6: Indignities of old age

And there are some of you who are caused to die prematurely, and there are others who are driven to the worst part of life with the result that they knew nothing after having had knowledge (22:6) more translations

In this verse Allah divides people into two groups in relation to how long they live:

  • The first group covers the majority of mankind: those who die before they reach old age. They die prematurely in the sense that by design they could have lived longer had they not suffered some illness, accident or harm.
  • In the second group, people reach the natural limits of their life and progressively lose command over their faculties as they waste from a state of life towards a state of death. In this verse Allah calls it the “worst” part of life, where it is reduced to a loathsome, wretched existence. Mentally they start regressing and become more and more like a child. Further deterioration causes them to forget their life experience. Higher order mental activity in the cerebrum slows and brain function becomes limited to performing its primordial duty of regulating breathing and heart beat. For those who still do not perish, their mind becomes a blank slate. There remains no residual memory, emotion or feeling. Finally and mercifully, death encroaches and claims its victim who was long gone anyway.
In view of this it is clear that as far as the course of life is concerned, Allah the Creator Who knows the design of man, divides mankind into these two groups. Jesusas, a human, has no choice but to fall into one or the other group. Either he has already met his death at its appointed and appropriate hour some two thousand years ago, or, he is still alive and therefore subject to the inescapable ravages of time such that his constitution would have deteriorated to a degree where it would be immaterial whether he lives or does not live. In that state, his continued existence cannot possibly be of any benefit to himself or to the mankind.

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Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. Wonder who heard & wrote the conversation between Allah & Jesus.

Affan said...

From ur arguments it seems that you dont have faith or belief in the supernatural. Allah may as he wish raise anyone to heaven as he pleases anytime and bring them back down to earth as so he pleases. Even if Jesus fell into the categorie you mentioned, Allah can override the clauses you mentioned there, as Allah is all powerful.

And about dividing mankind into groups, I dont suppose you are the all wise here to do that. Your knowledge maybe only a drop in the ocean.

Asif said...

The division into the two groups can be directly deduced from the verse itself.

The "override" could happen, but only if there was an exception mentioned here or elsewhere in the Holy Quran.

Affan said...

"..there are some....and there are others.."

Only two groups are mentioned here else it would have been.

"there are some..and the remaining..."

It is not specific to two groups alone.

Affan said...

And one more thing, your indexing for quite a few of the verses are one ahead, this verse is 22:5

Acid said...

This is funny , your arguements are silly and wouldnt convince anyone to your corrupt agenda .

Lets assume for the sake of arguements that Jesus did really fell into one of these human category as you mentioned and therefore according to you every human must die including Jesus that means Jesus wasnt ressurected either as in your bible because how can a dead person then gets up after 3 days and the fly on sky and goes to heaven?

lol , i know that did hurt..