Saturday, November 04, 2006

Proof #8: It's curtains for earlier prophets

Those are a people that have passed away; for them is what they earned, and for you shall be what you earn; and you shall not be questioned as to what they did. (2:135) more translations

The preceding verses mention a number of prophets. This verse declares the prophets of the bygone days all dead. For them is what they earned, meaning their accounts are closed and their actions have come to an end. There is a finality and closure as far as their actions are concerned, so also there is a separation between us and them. This verse is in fact a corollary of Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw being the Khataman Nabiyeen, the Seal of the Prophets. Earlier prophets have no unfinished business left and hence there is no need to keep any of them unnaturally alive in the recesses of the heavens. In other words, it is not their problem anymore. The task of spreading the message of God is in the safe and capable hands of the Holy Prophet of Islam, may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. All spiritual blessings and ranks now flow through his person. Holy Prophetsaw is in no need of help from a prophet sent to another people. Through his power of spiritual purification he is capable of raising such souls from among his own people as would help him in his mission, some of whom may even reach the status of a prophet while staying subservient to him. That is entirely consistent with his status of Khataman Nabiyeen, whereas the return of an earlier prophet to rescue his mission, a prophet who received nothing by way of spiritual food from him, is a rank insult and is tantamount to breaking that seal.

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The Saved said...

It is true that Jesus...but because of the divinity in Him death coudl not hold Him. Hence Allah raised him frm the dead and seated Jesus on His right hand. Why would Jesus have to die, becuae it was destained by Allah that Jesus woudl be the sacrifcie for the sins of mankind that as one man sin caused downfall of mankind, one man sacrifice will restore man unto God.

What is hard to believe is that the proof of what is said here does not reflect the truth completely. The Holy Koran itself says that Jesus is coming back not as a messenger but as the Lord and King who is going to judge the people of the earth. Why would Allah choose Jesus and not Prop Md to be the judge of the earth? Its thought provoking. When according to the Islamic faith the last and the greatest prophet was Prop Md., how come Allah gave the message to the Prophet that Jesus is coming back who was not so great as Prop. Md... Why would God Almighty do that..? Prophet died and was buried and his gave is still there with the body going back dudt to dust.....but Jesus's grave is empty ..proven historically and 400 people saw him after he was crucified and died..... no wonder Allah chose Jesus to be the Judge and Messiah of the world. He sis coming soon to judge you and me... are you ready to meet him?

Affan said...

"The Holy Koran itself says that Jesus is coming back not as a messenger but as the Lord "

Could you cite the verse.

As for Prophet Muhammed, He is the only prophet whose coming was foretold in the Torah, Bible and the Vedas.